Dispensary Dash on CannaBUS
Dispensary Dash on CannaBUS
Dispensary Dash on CannaBUS
$ 79.00


Dispensary Dash on CannaBUS

CannaBUS Dispensary Dash 

4 Hour, 20 Minute Tour of LA & surrounding 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:

 2:00pm* to 6:20pm*

Saturday and Sunday: 

11:00am* to 3:20pm* and 5:00pm* to 9:20pm*


Join Bowl Mole for hours of Recreation on CannaBUS - definitely the most fun EVER had on a bus. 

This One-of-a-Kind Four Hour, Twenty Minute (4:20) CannaBUS Dispensary Dash will take you from one end of the Weed Capital of the World, to the other, and back. We do not sell any cannabis and there is no obligation to purchase any from any of the establishments we visit. HOWEVER, there will be deals that are probably TOO GOOD to pass up. And seriously, if you spend all your money on the ticket...don't worry - the thing we like BEST about our fellow tokers is their generosity and friendliness. Sharing is caring and you won't be left high and dry. Well, that's not exactly true.

In California it is legal for adult over 21 years of age to purchase cannabis for recreational use and for adults over 18 with a valid doctors recommendation to purchase and use it medicinally. However, unless you have your own home, or a friend that does, it is essentially ILLEGAL to smoke it. It is against the law to smoke in public (including parks, mountains, lake, golf course, alley, front porch, etc), in vehicles (face same consequences for Open Container and DUI!!) or in hotels/motels (fines of ~$250 and removal from premises). There is an EXCEPTION - privately owned limousines, RVs and Motorcoaches...so long as the consumption and possession is in the "living area" and not in within reach of driver or passenger.

Because Bowl Mole was created to further reduce and eliminate "criminality" from Cannabis use i.e. from having a criminal record for possession of paraphernalia - we also want to help you enjoy your time in SoCal, the Weed Capital of the World.  So come with us, take a tour, try something new, get high, stay fly.

* Let's be frank (and realistic )- 20+ people smoking cannabis and moving from one spot to another multiple times, in LA area traffic and a 60 year old Classic Bluebird Wanderlodge "CannaBUS." The times aren't exact, but we will do everything we can to keep to this schedule. SO, PLEASE, DON'T BOOK YOUR TRIP THE AFTERNOON OF YOUR RETURN FLIGHT TO, WELL, ANYWHERE. 

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